GPT-3 Content Production

AI in Content Production: Will GPT-3 Replace Content Writers? Probably. Here’s How.

It goes without saying that content is king.

Businesses, great and small, create online content to build brand awareness, attract leads to their websites, and rank for popular keywords in their industries.

To put it simply, great content engages an audience, teaches them about their problem, pitches a solution,and closes them into a deal. To succeed at content marketing, hiring a content writer is the first step.

However, in the technological age we live in, constant innovations are being made to make even the most specific tasks automated. Wouldn’t you guess that some forms of content writing is actually starting to become automated using an AI-driven technology called GPT-3.

So, is GPT-3 going to put all content writers out of business and become a boon to marketers and business leaders everywhere?

Let’s find out.

What is GPT-3 ? GPT-3 Content Writing

GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a technological innovation launched by OpenAI. The company was founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman back in 2015.

Its purpose was to expand the realities of artificial intelligence (AI) past automating repetitive and manual tasks. OpenAI seeks to increase the application of AI into more specific niches that require more precise human thought.

To put it simply, this company wants to figure outhow AI can advance into fields, such as medicine and business, which aren’t easy to automate. For example, it takes an actual human brain to make accurate decisions in most industries and machine learning (which powers AI) still hasn’t caught up yet.

So, what is GPT-3?

In short, GPT-3 is a program that processes imputed text written by people. It, then, creates a newer version of the content with little-to-none human interaction. Interestingly, this tool can create content from original sources.

It can even content written by humans to achieve higher accuracy, readability, and engagement. Fundamentally, GPT-3 works almost like both an autocomplete and spell-check function.

It’s a revolutionary content creation tool that can be used to automate the syntaxial and mechanical tasks of writing text.

The Dangers GPT-3 Presents to Content Writers

All AI and machine learning technology presents dangers to any industry as far as employment is concerned. Many business leaders are concerned with improving the efficiency of their operations and most importantly – their bottom line.

If automating specific departments, even with the consequence of letting crucial employees go, can achieve these goals, they will often be explored. For content writers, the same principle applies.

Why pay writers and code editors when you can automate their jobs for a more affordable rate? And, even if these services aren’t affordable for small to medium-sized businesses, the efficiency this technology can bring can more than make up for the discrepancy in price.

There are significant alterations this technology can have on the content writing community. The first massive change is obviously employment and labor. Though, practitioners will need to be certain that GPT-3 can match or supersede the work a typical content writer can perform.

In reality, it hasn’t yet been proven that GPT-3 can create the types of content humans can. The primary reason why is because content writing is a skilled trade.

All content writers know that human elements and emotions are embedded into the best digital content. Can GPT-3 follow the same format?

The answer isn’t clear at the moment.

Will GPT-3 Put Content Writers Out of Work?

Whether you’re a content writer or not, chances are that you believe there is some truth to GPT-3 having a negative impact on the content writing community.

In fact, you may even be considering learningmore about this technology, whether you plan to actually utilize it or not. Ultimately, you may be wondering, “will GPT-3 put content writers out of work?”

The real answer is not as simple.

To help you understand, put yourself in the shoes of a content writer. What does it take to create outstanding online content. A basic answer would be that all successful content writers will need to:

  • Demonstrate strong writing and editing skills.
  • Show key insight intosearch engine optimization (SEO) techniques to optimize their content.
  • Prove deep knowledge in the services, products, and topics they’re writing about.

In truth, the best content writers aren’t really writers by trade.

You’ll find that the best content writers are actually subject-matter experts instead of researchers, editors, and wordsmiths.

For example, Ahrefs, the popular SEO tool, hosts one of the most read blogs on the internet. They post articles regularly on all kinds of internet marketing topics. The people who write these magnificent blogs aren’t even content writers:

There are three important takeaways here:

  1. The language used in this blog is relaxed and conversational. The author isn’t an advanced content writer, but he clearly knows how to engage his audience. Could GPT-3 do the same?
  2. The author isn’t listed as a content writer. Actually, he’s a marketing expert, which explains why he’s able to communicate this topic so well.
  3. This blog received approximately 77 backlinks!

The point being made here is simple. ai copywriting tool is much more than arranging words and text in a document. It’s also just more than using AI to create another original source for existing content.

Instead, content writing requires human effort and thought to communicate to audiences in a way they’ll relate and understand.

Using example above, the best content writers and AI prompt engineers are knowledgeable about the topics they write about. GPT-3 is a content optimizer, and while it can definitely create organic text without human interaction, it’s far away from writing engaging content that can match or exceed the skill of a content writer.

For this reason, it’s unlikely that GPT-3 will put content writers out of work soon. The technology can open the possibility of more jobs down the road. Nonetheless, content writing is an intricate skill and art.

GPT-3 isn’t likely to force content writers on the streets, but there are significant benefits of using the tool. In fact, there is both room for the technology to write content in the present and become a valuable tool for both content writers and marketers.

Benefits of Using GPT-3 for Content Writing

Again, GPT-3 won’t put any content writers out of business any time soon. But, this tool can be used alongside content writers to enhance the text they create. Research is an integral component of creating great content.

For content writers, a common obstacle is performing in-depth research into topics to create accurate and relevant content. No matter how great a content writer is, there is bound to be some stone that’s unturned.

With the help of GPT-3, more accurate research can be performed. This will allow for helpful data to be inserted into content, which is great for educational resources, such as whitepapers and eBooks.

GPT-3 can also address the problem many content writers face as well, which is syntax. The greatest content writers make many mistakes, which require ongoing editing rounds.

For websites that need to produce countless blog articles a month, these editing rounds can damper their production times. GPT-3 can be used to streamline the editing process, improve efficiency, and ultimately result in producing outstanding content.

Finally, GPT-3 can help in the creation of landing pages. Businesses that require several landing pages for multiple cities they operate in may have trouble finding a suitable content writer to perform all the work, especially while avoiding plagiarism.

GPT-3 is designed to quickly create content, while passing plagiarism checks. This can yield incredible content that won’t result in SEO penalties from Google and Bing.

Drawbacks of Using GPT-3 for Content Writing

GTP-3 is currently still in the infancy stage regarding its application in content writing. This can turn off many business leaders and marketers who are searching for a more efficient alternative to hiring a content writer.

The first drawback in using GPT-3 is the price. It’s not well known how prohibitive the cost would be for using this technology in even a limited capacity. Much like other advanced technology, using GPT-3 may cost more than hiring a content writer.

This may make it significantly difficult to scale your content production in a meaningful way. In addition, small and medium-sized businesses may be barred from using GPT-3 due to its high cost.

After all, it commonly costs tens of thousands of dollars every year to integrate AI into any industry. Depending on your content creation needs, this amount can increase.

The second disadvantage is the difficulty in integrating GPT-3 for your business. Using GPT-3 will clearly require users who are extremely tech-savvy. In fact, you may need to make additional hires to find the right people to power this technology.

The final disadvantage of using GPT-3 is the sheer uncertainty of your final product. This technology has only been tested to improve or optimize existing text.

However, businesses that create unique content geared towards specific audiences may find it difficult to use this technology. For example, if you’re accustomed to writing conversational articles towards your audience, using GPT-3 may not be an ideal solution.

Instead, it may be more ideal to hire a content writer that matches the tone, voice, and style of your brand.

The biggest drawback I see is as Syndrome from “The Incredibles” put it:

When everyone is super, no one will be.

If everyone can create content that is quality, unique, cost-effective and do it at massive scale, then the ability to compete becomes that much more difficult.

Benefits of Hiring a Content Writer

Hiring a content writer, at the moment, is the most ideal solution to create engaging content for your brand. After all, there are several benefits to hiring a content writer that will represent your business, which include:

  • Content writers are not just wordsmiths. They possess in-depth knowledge in creating content that compels readers to perform an action, such as sign up for a newsletter or buy a product.
  • Content writers are affordable. You can almost always find a writer to fit your budget.
  • Once you hire a content writer, you can automate your content production process if they’re a great fit.
  • Content writers don’t require much time to train. If you make the right hire, you don’t have to spend any more money integrating them into your marketing operations.

Drawbacks of Hiring a Content Writer

Granted, hiring a content writer isn’t the end-all-be-all. Marketers and content writers alike should be grateful that such a technology like GPT-3 even exists. It can actually make the lives of content writers much easier.

Organizations that can afford the technology, can use GPT-3 in conjunction with content writers to produce remarkable content for their audiences. There are some common deficiencies that many content writers possess that can make using GPT-3 a more suitable option:

  • Finding the right content writer that can match your brand’s exact tone and voice can be both challenging and expensive.
  • If you operate in a technical niche, you can use GPT-3 to create more accurate and educational articles. Some content writers can fall short in this regard.
  • Excessive editing rounds can reduce the efficiency of your content production. Using GPT-3 can outperform content writers in optimizing content.

Integrate GPT-3 with

In the end, GPT-3 is a remarkable new innovation that can certainly make it easier for organizations to create remarkable content on a wide variety of different topics.

Some of the more advanced GPT-3 tools can even build and enhance software development projects.

However, until this innovation becomes widely-used, no one knows if it’ll have a negative impact on the content writing community. One thing is for sure― GPT-3 and content writers can work together for the time being.

GPT-3 can actually produce content without human interaction, and that’s a superb quality that not many people anticipated. Though, the possibility of GPT-3 outright automating content writing in the future is still very premature.

Content writers are indispensable at the moment, and it doesn’t appear likely that will change anytime soon. If you’re looking torevamp another important operation for your business instead, we can help.

At, we provide outstanding software development services for all kinds of purposes. If you’d like to create a new innovation for your business, we’d love to get in touch with you.

More excitingly, we recently obtained API access to the OpenAI framework and we are working on some killer tools for both and that should have a major impact on how our clients create both code and content going forward. Stay tuned!

Contact us today to speak to a member of our team about your upcoming project and goals.

Here are some of the most important facts about the AI program:

  • GPT-3 never makes a spelling error and always uses proper language and punctuation when writing.
  • By reading millions of articles and books from Google Books and other websites, the tool learns how to write and can produce thousands of articles and books in a single day.
  • It can quickly evaluate any content, including an already-published book or essay. The writing style for every new article that users desire to write is then captured.
  • The words that GPT-3 learns can be used to construct whole, well-balanced paragraphs, as well as a complete dictionary of all words and phrases.
  • The masterpiece will then be completed automatically utilizing cutting-edge natural language processing algorithms by planning the sentences that will be followed by subsequent paragraphs.
  • GPT-3 generates sentences and paragraphs that are delivered to a dedicated database where they are kept for use in future apps or on the web.

Why do we need GPT-3 AI for Writing?

There are many reasons why you might need ai writing tool that utilizes GPT-3 AI. Maybe you’re a professional writer who wants to save time on research, or maybe you’re a student who needs help writing an essay. Either way, GPT-3 AI can be a big help.

There are lots of different ai writing tools out there that utilize GPT-3 AI, and they can all be useful in different ways. Some tools focus on helping you to come up with ideas for your writing, while others can help you to improve your grammar and spelling. Whichever type of tool you need, there’s sure to be something out there that can help you.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not try a few different ai writing tools and see which ones you like the best? With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

AI Copywriting Tools

There’s no doubt that AI copywriting tools are becoming more and more popular. And it’s not hard to see why. These tools can help you automate the writing process, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of using AI writing tools:


  • Can help you save time on the writing process
  • Can help you generate new ideas
  • May be able to spot errors that you would miss


  • May not be able to capture your unique voice
  • May not be able to replicate the creativity of a human writer
  • You may still need a human editor to catch all the errors

Overall, it’s up to you to decide whether or not AI writing tools are right for you. If you’re struggling with writer’s block or just don’t have the time to write, they may be worth a try. But if you’re looking for a creative outlet, you may want to stick to the traditional methods.

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