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Oracle is one of the leading database software and technology names in the world. They provide some of the best cloud application and platform services in the industry. And at, our aim is to provide businesses, small and large, with powerful Oracle development services that catalyze our clients towards growth and expansion.

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Why Choose Oracle Development?

The Oracle name is known inside and outside of the industry. And while the brand’s reputation precedes it, here are some of the specific reasons why we recommend pursuing Oracle:


Highly scalable.

In today’s day and age, scalability is key. You must be able to efficiently scale with ease; otherwise, your tech infrastructure will hold you back. Oracle’s native scalability makes it a perfect fit for growing companies

High data availability

Any real-time application requires high data availability, and that’s precisely what Oracle provides. When you utilize Oracle, you can be sure that you’ll have data available during both planned or unplanned downtime or failure.

Advanced security..

Data integrity will always be a major focus. And with Oracle, you can rest assured that you’re protected with advanced data security mechanisms in place, many of which can be customized and configured to your company’s preferences and workflow

Backup and recovery.

No business plans for a crash, but sometimes they happen. Oracle takes some of the sting out of these incidents by providing advanced backup and recovery features that protect your data and allow you to continue with operations as normal.


Oracle is one of the most established companies in the industry. They have decades of experience that newer startups simply can’t replicate. If you want solutions that are proven and reliable, look no further.


The Oracle Development Process


01. Discover

Our Oracle development process begins with a discovery period where we become intimately familiar with the DNA of your business. We also take the time to listen to and clarify your goals so that we can implement our own development objectives.


Empowered by a clear understanding of your goals, we tailor a development plan to fit your wants and needs. This plan will be optimized until we get the green light to proceed with development.


The development phase is exciting. It’s during this part of the process that we transition from planning to implementation. We’ll involve you in as much of the process as you’d like, which ensures everyone is on the same page.

04. Test

Finally, we take the time to test and iterate so that there are no issues or bugs that hold you back from achieving your goals.


Partner With

You certainly have your choice when it comes to Oracle development services. But at, we make the decision as simple as possible by seamlessly melding skill, service, and reliability. To learn more about our Oracle development process, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Our Development Process

  • 2015Understanding

    Background details
    Vision & values
    Target personas
    Stakeholder insights
  • 2016Research & Discovery

    Customer research
    Competitive analysis
    Expert audits & insights
    Current market positioning
  • 2017Strategy

    Story & personality
    Market opportunities
    Positioning & messaging
    Creative brief development
  • 2018Creative

    Logo development
    Graphics standards
    Verify function
    Messaging framework
  • 2019Deliver & integrate

    Brand book & styleguide
    Print integration
    Online & mobile
    Further brand extension
Interesting Facts About Oracle
  • Oracle is the leader in the database software industry with more than 420,000 customers and deployments in 145 countries.
  • Oracle has more than 136,000 employees around the world.
  • Oracle has undergone many name changes. It was founded in 1977 as Software Development Laboratories. The name was switched to Relational Software Inc. in 1979. It became Oracle Systems Corporation in 1982. In 1995, the company finally renamed to Oracle Corporation, its current name.
  • Larry Ellison, one of the Oracle founders, owns 98 percent of Lanai, Hawaii's sixth-largest island.
  • There was never a version 1 of Oracle database. Larry Ellison called his new software Oracle Database Version 2.
  • Oracle generated $40 billion in total revenue in 2019. Its net income was $10.1 billion.
  • Oracle spends more than $6 billion annually on research and development.