Custom digital
development services
for any project


Design Conceptualization

We start with the goals of your next digital project. Then, as an extension of your team, our developers work with you to prepare detailed documentation, wire-frame mock-ups and concept designs ready for front and back-end development strategy.

Goals & Strategy

By quantifying end goals, we reverse engineer conceptual designs, preparing for project completion from the outset.

Strategy Questionnaire

We seek to understand both the high-level and low-level requirements of your digital project with a detailed on-boarding questionnaire.


Digital Development

Your onshore project manager will liaise between you and the front-end and back-end software teams to go from design through deep development.


You will work directly with our front-end developers to produce beautiful wire-frame mock-ups ready for deep development.


Front-end drafts lead to back-end database development, creating the guts required for your product to run smoothly.


Delivery & Deployment

Digital deployment includes full testing and support of a product that is produced according to and above and beyond your initial expectations. In short, we seek to exceed initial product goals.

QA Testing

Transition to full quality assurance (QA) testing to ensure product is delivered beautifully bug-free.

Support & Service

Post-delivery support for your product, ensuring it not only continues to operate appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1Who will manage my software project?
Each project is assigned a project manager who will be your point-of-contact throughout the length of the engagement. S/he will liaise between you, the design team and the front/back-end development teams.
2How is the project managed?
We use multiple project management tools for appropriately tracking project goals on a daily basis. Your PM will provide daily updates through the project software application.
3Who provides the designs?
We manage project design based on your strategic direction & input or we can work directly with your outside/internal design team. We are flexible.
4How does your pricing work?
Pricing is based on hourly rates and is billable on a monthly retainer engagement basis. The engagement fees are dependent on the size, scope and number of active developers required. Contact us for a customized quote.
5What development methodology do you use?
We use the Agile scrum methodology of development. Doing so allows our team to produce faster iterations and quicker builds for producing a minimally viable product (MVP) for potential investors. It also tends to be the least expensive.