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From the outside looking in, people often assume the agricultural industry is old, archaic, and stubborn. But as you know, it’s actually one of the more sophisticated and technologically-advanced sectors of the American economy. And if you want to remain competitive in this crowded industry, you have to continually improve and iterate. Custom agriculture software can help you grow.

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Why Agriculture Companies Need Custom Software Development

There are plenty of software solutions you can purchase “off the shelf,” but custom solutions can take you to the next level. Here are some of the reasons that leading agriculture companies pursue custom software development services: :



When you purchase a product off the shelf, it’s designed with everyone in mind. So while it may provide useful functionality in some areas, it’s often far too generic to add widespread value. Custom software is tailored to your business, which makes it flexible and applicable across the board.


Rigid software is frustrating and expensive. As you grow, it requires you to continually reevaluate the solutions you need to expand - often necessitating a switch to a new solution and/or vendor. Custom agriculture software is entirely scalable, which allows you to grow without worrying about the consequences


Any time you can develop intellectual property for your business, you’re adding value. The proprietary nature of custom software development gives you an intelligent advantage that can’t be easily replicated by the competition


When you’re in control of software development, you can engineer solutions that carefully protect your data and privacy at every touchpoint along the way. .


Common Types of Agriculture Software

We understand that no two agriculture companies or farmers require the same solution. That’s why we work closely with you, the client, to tailor software to your specific wants, needs, objectives, and pain points. Here are some of the common types of software we develop for our clients:


Precision agriculture software solutionss

hat help you analyze and manage your farm with precision technology (including scale precision smart farming apps, done solutions, precision data management, and soil sensors).

Livestock management software solutions

that offer advanced analytics and suggestions for finances, breeding, and herd management.

Agriculture farm management solutions

and ERP solutions to help with accounting, crop planning, inventory, reporting, and equipment maintenance.

Aquaculture software solutionst

that track your entire population for optimum breeding and harvesting. This includes aquaculture workflow and ERP integrations, sensor technology, fish farm management systems, data analysis, and more.

Dispensary software solutions

for cannabis farming. This includes seed to sale software, CRM solutions, tracking software, and even ecommerce solutions.


All of our agriculture software solutions are designed to comply with USDA, FSIS, FDA, EPA, NPDES, and GHGRP requirements.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? These are just examples. If you have a vision, we can develop it for you.


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