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Over 15 years of software consulting experience

Established in 2008 as a advertising & financial software consulting firm.

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About DEV.

DEV.co brings brings over 12 years of successful leadership to custom software development projects, leading cross-functional teams through designing and refining new processes to generate real, actionable business solutions for our clients small and large.

We combine senior-level software and technical support with practical real-world business applications in finance, marketing, sales and business operations.

By aligning and systematizing client goals, we are able to accelerate and scale desired outcomes far above initial objectives. Our tactical design, product and project management teams of over 250 individuals are able to simultaneously provide managed technical and tactical support to a near unlimited number of simultaneous large-scale projects.

In doing so, we coordinate stakeholder workflows, liaising seamlessly with C-level requirements on an enterprise scale. We do more than articulate value, we deliver it–on-time and on-budget.

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With the software engineering support of onshore, nearshore and offshore teams, our development capabilities are as broad as they are deep. Our full-stack teams provide the front-end and back-end support your software projects deserve.
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A few highlights of our cross-functional product and project teams

Team of 250+ senior software developers with niche-specific & cross-functional capabilities in nearly every discipline.
Access to scale onshore, nearshore and offshore teams to 500+ with expanded technical resources for large staff requirements.
All developers are heavily vetted for technical experience in their given vertical.
Direct, actionable experience in delivering high-touch business and consumer solutions to SMB and Fortune 100 clients.
Assigned senior project managers are experienced in coordinating large functional projects across multiple stakeholders and orgs.
Direct experience delivering top-notch results.
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Software Development Partners

An Extension of Your Team

From the outset, we seek to learn as much about our clients' underlying business as possible. Doing so allows us to become a natural extension of your team when it come to strategy implementation. As experts across technologies and industry sectors, we bring solutions to your ever-growing technology needs by implementing a scientific approach to advanced digital design and code implementation. By knowing more about you, we can become a part of your team. When we engage with clients, we become partners. Our team becomes a natural extension of your team.

Best Practices, Delivered

We apply the leading process and project development methodologies and software, allowing us to manage various stakeholders and project teams from around the globe. Our project-agnostic processes ensure deliverables consistently perform as desired and project timelines and budgets are met and exceeded. Your software development success is no accident. It comes from careful planning between your team and ours.

Alignment of Core Values

Our mission includes providing the highest possible level of service with unwavering integrity. In doing so, we consistently strive for continual process improvement for the team and the processes we employ, with the understanding that the best feedback is always negative. Our consistent process improvement culture ensures we consistently improve our craft with each subsequent customer engagement, not letting our pride encroach on the best possible deliverable for our clients.

Masters at Project Scope

As a team, we live by the mantra, "seek first to understand and then to be understood." Because of our breadth and depth of experience, we are masters of information technology architecture, aligning project scope and goals with the right process, team and deployment strategy.

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The Team

With the software engineering support of onshore, nearshore and offshore teams, our development capabilities are as broad as they are deep. Our full-stack teams provide the front-end and back-end support your software projects deserve.
Nate Nead - CEO
Nate Nead
Chief Executive Officer
Dnyanesh Gangamwar
Chief Operations Officer
Aman Jain
Chief Technology Manager
Timothy Carter - CRO
Timothy Carter
Chief Revenue Officer
Samuel Edwards
Chief Marketing Officer
Ryan Nead
VP of Sales
Chris Gylseth
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Manager
Sales Manager
Project Manager
Video Content Manager
UI/UX developer
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
Backend developer
Full Stack Developer
Frontend developer
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack developer
Full Stack Developer
Software developer
Backend developer
Backend developer
Frontend developer
Senior PHP developer
Senior PHP developer

We combine code
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