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Are you looking for a container management services solution using Kubernetes? Perhaps you require custom Kubernetes container development?  You’ve come to the right place. At dev.co, our team of Kubernetes professionals can help you design, develop, and deploy the Kubernetes solutions you need.

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What Is Kubernetes?


Kubernetes is an open source platform for automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. It groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery.

It allows users to eliminate the complex network scheduling and dependency management issues that have been plaguing users since before Mesos and Docker were around. It was designed by Google with cloud computing architectures in mind, but it can work with any server capable of running Docker containers. Our Cluster as a Service quickly deploys on-premise or in the cloud anywhere there's an internet connection, eliminating the need for you to provision any hardware or software.

Kubernetes (also known as K8s) can be described as a platform that you can use to manage multiple containers at scale. It’s an open source cluster management tool that was built with the idea of making it easier to run containerized applications on any infrastructure, but without sacrificing control and transparency.

Built by Google, the Kubernetes open source container management system allows for nearly unlimited scalability without the necessity of adding additional headcount to your DevOps team. 


Kubernetes Development Services

We offer Kubernetes Development, Container Management and Hybrid Cloud Solutions to help your teams build a secure, scalable and reliable container infrastructure. We assist you in modeling your business applications, integrating infrastructure as code and automating continuous delivery pipelines.

For example, our Kubernetes developers provide the following critical container management solutions:



Kubernetes Development Workflow

  • Set UpWork Environment Set Up

    Set up Kubernetes work environments
    Local Kubernetes vs. Cloud Kubernetes
    Customize Environment
    Establish Security Failsafes
  • DevKubernetes Development

    Learn/train on Kubernetes interaction & management
    Add/train for specific Kubernetes dev tools
    Common K8s dev configurations
    Customized K8s dev configurations
  • DeployKubernetes Deployment

    Staging, Testing & Live environments
    Skaffold, DevSpace & CI/CD integration
    Production preparation
    Creative brief development
Interesting Facts About Kubernetes
  • Commonly stylized as K8s, Kubernetes is an open source containerized management and orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling and management.
  • Kubernetes was originally designed by Google in 2014 and the code is now managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
  • Kubernetes is Greek for "helmsman" or "pilot."
  • While Kubernetes still works an plays well with Docker, CRI-O and Containerd, it was originally set up to run with Docker runtime, but since May of 2022, Dockershim has been completely removed.
  • The following companies all have or have acquired their own Kubernetes-based systems:
    • Amazon
    • Oracle
    • IBM
    • Google
    • SUSE
    • Red Hat
    • Platform9
    • VMware
    • Microsoft
  • Kubernetes is most typically used for microservice-based implementation because it is closely tied to microservices architecture.
  • Kubernetes was released on July 21, 2015 by Google in consult with the Linux Foundation.
  • In the year of its initial release, Kubernetes received 9th place on the list of GitHub projects by number of commits and second place in total authors and issues that year, just behind the Linux kernel.
  • The project was originally created within Google by Joe Beda, Brendan Burns and Craig MCluckie but was later joined by Brian Grant and Tim Hockin.