White Label Virtual Data Room

White Label Virtual Data Rooms: Reselling Cloud Storage

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs needed to do everything from scratch. These days it is possible to outsource and delegate virtually every aspect of a business, giving the owners the time and space to solidify their strategies and concentrate on profitability.

This has given rise to a range of white label software solutions, including online storage and virtual data rooms that can handle an onslaught of business data and help people make sense of it.

While it may seem like a good idea to build a customized in-house data storage solution for security purposes, it won’t be feasible in the long run. The recurring expansion costs alone can end a budding business within a few years.

Besides that, here are a few more reasons businesses shouldn’t build data centers from scratch:

  • Reinventing the wheel. This means making the same mistakes as others already have made and learned from
  • Slower response to market needs and expectations
  • Spending an excessive amount of resources and money to develop solutions/tools already existing in different formats
  • Missing out on expertise and resources needed to create the customized solution

These and other issues can be avoided if you opt for white label software products instead. “White label” is defined as a fully supported service or product made by a particular company for another company to use or sell as their own.

To overcome the above-mentioned problems, we were assigned to build a white label online storage solution for two clients with open-source software. Here’s what we learned:

Reselling Virtual Data Room Services To Clients

Virtual Data Room

We used our sophisticated software and adapted it to create a secure and easy-to-use virtual data room.

This white label solution is built to facilitate businesses,  helping them close deals a lot faster. Our solution provides them a secure virtual data room (VDR), one that is user-friendly and allows users to preserve the confidentiality of critical documents during any transaction, merger, and acquisition.

This has turned out to be a great alternative to investing heavily in human capital or R&D resources. Our clients get an all-inclusive security certification, allowing them to be leading providers of virtual data rooms.

Easy Branding

Our white label VDR is ready-to-use and fully integrated so that our clients can easily use their branding with it.

We also provide support through dedicated project managers, who are only a call away from solving technical issues. This is how we ensure that our clients never have to worry about their journey with us at any point and that our partnership is entirely stress-free.

Reliable Platform

Our platform is stable and reliable so that our clients can conduct their dealings and transactions on time, without delays.

This technology has been set up with heavy innovation and investment, ensuring that our clients can maintain and even improve their productivity and efficiency levels.

Features Of Our Virtual Data Room

We aim for our white label VDR services to help several organizations, which is why we have added the following features:

Bulk Download

This tool allows complete sections of the VDR to be downloaded in bulk and instantaneously.

Drag and Drop

Users can get started right away through our drag and drop feature and drop entire folders from their desktop to the room.

Information Rights Management

This allows users to protect their documents according to their needs.

Advanced QA

Tool to make collaboration efficient and quick.

User Access Control

Complete document protection by establishing permissions on what data can be accessed by which user.

Versatile Watermarking

Customizable and versatile watermarking capabilities available for all types of documents.

Real-Time Reporting

This allows speedy analysis and assessment of what is trending with bidders.

Right-Clicking Ability

Right-click commands can be used for accessing contextual menus.

No Plugins

There are no plugins to download, you can start immediately.

Audit Controls

Complete audit controls on administrator and user actions.

Single Sign-On

Access and manage all of your projects through just one login.

All Major Types Of Files

MS Office, PDF, emails, photos, AutoCAD, etc., are completely protected.

All Browsers Supported

You can access your virtual data room using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Backwards compatibility is available to allow the use of older operating systems.


The user interface is intuitive, ensuring that users can work efficiently and start right away.

Compatibility With Several Devices

This user interface is compatible with multiple desktops and mobile devices, including Android, Mac OS iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

256 Bit Encryption

256 Bit Encryption

Data will stay protected at every stage of a transaction, no matter how it’s transferred or where it resides.

Advanced Search

You can search by folder title, date, and document.

Highlighted Permissions

Permission levels are signified through different colors, so your overview can be easily viewed.

Multi-lingual Interface

We have several supported languages you can choose to configure the platform with.

Most Secure Communications

Users can be alerted regarding new updates of the VDR.

Different Ways White Label Virtual Data Rooms Can Be Applied

There are several different ways in which a white-label virtual data room solution can be applied, such as:

Mergers And Acquisitions

M&A deals need a virtual data room platform that can perform quickly and efficiently. It would help if you also had a secure environment, which a white label VDR room can make possible.

Our VDR technology can help companies who need to manage and evaluate the activities of potential buyers do it quicker and be able to respond to circumstances changing during M&A transactions immediately.

Raising Capital

The process of raising capital can be arduous and slow, but with a white label VDR you can do it a lot faster. You can also get better insights into the investment opportunities and use them to make more informed decisions to generate funds for the company.

A diligent documentation platform will help tight deadlines and allow you to negotiate with multiple investors while meeting strict disclosure requirements without human error. You will not have to worry about missing business funding opportunities again.

Real Estate Transactions

White label VDR software can be used in all types of real estate transactions. It can provide teams with a browser-based and highly secure platform specially designed to support different real estate transaction processes, from raising capital to managing multiple asset transactions.

White label VDR platforms help to address the gap within the buy-hold-sell cycle as it enables your commercial or residential property to be ready for market at any time.


Initial Public Offering (or IPO for short) listing is used by private companies who want to step into open markets and can only be used by companies with proven profitability and strong fundamentals. Allowing the public to invest in shares requires a lot of work as the process is complex and emotions and expectations are at an all-time high.

During such an intense time, there are higher risks involved, such as lowered stock prices. For this, secrecy and security are essential. White label VDRs for IPO are made for those companies who want to measure the feasibility of listing on the stock exchange and supporting the pre IPO preparation process.

Asset Lifecycle Management

If you need to handle multiple assets, you can streamline the process using our white label VDR. Asset lifecycle management requires the sharing and updating sensitive documents with advisors, analysts, partners, and investors.

Our VDR allows you to be ready for the market at all times because if you acquire new assets or a company, you can easily bulk upload entire folder structures and documents to the platform. You will also be able to collaborate with those relevant to the process effectively.

Reasons To Use White Label Online Storage And Virtual Data Rooms

There are undeniable benefits of using white label virtual data rooms and other cloud technology, such as:

Competitive Industry

Global Data Protection Market

This industry is competitive and will keep getting more profitable, with a projected $120 billion growth by 2023 in the data recovery and protection market. Thus, in this market for cloud computing and related technologies, managed service providers need to get the attention of their customers.

To retain them and encourage them, MSPs should look for suitable ways to stay ahead of the competition. An easy and effective way to do so is through white label solutions.

Increasing Brand Awareness

During different stages of using the VDR, your clients will be exposed to your logo and brand name, making them more aware of your brand and its offerings. You can do this within solution management, user logins, and demos.

Meeting Ever-Evolving Needs

If your services and products are trustworthy, you get to enjoy customer loyalty and brand prestige. And this dedication to creating a quality experience for buyers will attract more of them, and you’ll be able to win over new audiences more efficiently.

No Need For Extra Resources

Instead of struggling to get the resources needed to build high-quality, fully integrated business solutions to meet the demands of your customers, go for dependable vendors. A trusted vendor who can offer you the white label software you need will need to deliver valuable services.


Developing solutions in-house can get expensive and needs people who specifically have the expertise to do so. Instead, if you buy a white label software, you can rely on it, and you do not need to bear the cost of hiring a whole other team to get it developed.

Sell High-Quality Data Protection Fast

You will be able to hit markets a lot quicker while showcasing a strong portfolio of data protection services that customers can easily use. Using white label products is advantageous when selling new solutions.

In Conclusion

White label online storage and VDRs are the perfect solutions for managed service providers. They have been proven, through our experience, to benefit several companies, as their reselling efforts were made to be more effective, efficient, and timely.

They were able to brand a perfectly integrated, user-friendly virtual data room for their clients to use for all types of purposes, proving that this solution should not be overlooked for sellers of cloud storage services.

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