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Even after 25 years of advancement, Java remains one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Currently, there are billions of applications relying on Java to operate. Over the years, it has seen the introduction of new frameworks and wider third-party support, but its core infrastructure and principles remain intact.

If you’re planning a development project that relies on Java, you’ll need the help of a professional Java developer to get the job done.

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What Makes Java Development So Popular?

Java has a handful of advantages that make it a continued top choice for developers, including:


Complete independence.

First, Java is a completely independent platform, meaning Java isn’t required to be run on a specific operating system or processor. Instead, it relies on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This allows Java applications to be completely cross-platform, without any adjustments required by developers.

Built-in security.

Java was conceived with security in mind; it brings its own set of authorization rules and security policies, which prevent the app from being misused. Obviously, you’ll still need to keep security in mind when developing your applications.

Multi-thread possibilities.

This language is also favored for its multi-threaded potential; in other words, it can handle concurrent processing. Certain applications, especially those that handle many simultaneous user requests, make this a practical necessity.

Full error handling

Runtime errors are always a problem, but in Java, applications can seamlessly switch to an alternative set of instructions—allowing execution to continue, uninterrupted.

Frameworks and libraries

You can choose from any number of frameworks for your next development project, but Laravel is popular for a reason. And if you’re looking for high-level functionality without long delays, it’s an option worth considering.


Which Projects Use Java Development?

Java can be used for almost any development project, due to its impressive versatility. For example, it’s commonly used in web application development, mobile app development, and enterprise app development. However, it’s also featured prominently in IoT development, and even in blockchain development. Java has also been used for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.


Our Java Development Process

When we develop Java applications for our clients, we follow a straightforward process to make sure we create the perfect app for your needs:


01. Discovery and onboarding

First, we meet with you to learn more about your business and your goals with this project. What are you hoping to achieve? What are your business goals and values?

02.Brainstorming and collaboration.

Together, we’ll work up a plan for your application and submit design possibilities for your approval.

03.Agile development.

Using agile development methodologies, we’ll create a minimum viable product in iterative stages, and gradually flesh out new features and components as necessary.

04. Testing and launch.

Once we have a functional version of your app in place, we’ll be ready to launch—but not before a thorough round of QA testing to squash any bugs

05.Ongoing testing, maintenance, and support

Our support doesn’t stop there. We continue to support all our Java development projects even after launch; we’ll test the app to make sure it’s running properly, commit maintenance, add features, and provide assistance as needed.


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