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Top 14 Websites for Free HTML Landing Page Templates

If you’re reading this particular post, chances are that you have just finished creating a brilliant product that will help your target audience and possibly their businesses. In no time, your landing pages will be ready to launch.

However, the issue is that you don’t have a landing page yet, or your current landing page is not meeting your expectations. Needless to say, your landing page is the most important aspect of your product’s launch or service offering.

Without a dynamic landing page, you’ll fail to capture qualified leads from search engines and paid ads and convert them into paying customers. The problem is that creating a landing page from scratch ultimately takes a lot of time, money, work, and A/B testing.

There are a lot of different free HTML landing page templates you can use for the following:

  • Mobile apps
  • SaaS products
  • Email newsletters
  • Online courses, eBooks, and other digital services
  • Open source projects

Below are some of the best free HTML landing page templates, built with Bootstrap and HTML5, and developed by different authors if you need a quick solution.

1. Solid

Solid Free HTML Template

Solid is an exceptional one-page landing page designed specifically for digital services, SaaS companies, and online tools. The landing page templates are built using HTML5 and features an attractive dark theme.

Other important aspects include bright supporting color schemes, easy code infrastructure, and 3D illustrations and icons. Software developers don’t have to worry about adjusting this template to their needs.

More Features:

  • Convenient hero placeholders
  • Plug-and-play pricing tabs
  • Flexible and versatile iconography

2. Switch

Switch Free HTML Template

Switch is a more responsive HTML template with incredible high design standards. The template gets its name because users can easily switch from darker to lighter shades depending on their stylistic preferences.

You can even impress your target audience by automatically modifying the template to toggle between light and dark modes as time changes from day to night.

More Features:

  • Mobile-first template and content
  • Ideal application design mockups
  • Multi-colored shaped based on vector graphics

3. SaaS Application

SaaS Application Free HTML Template

SaaS application is a free HTML landing page templates with both an elegant and casual color scheme. It’s designed to accommodate all kinds of SaaS services and solutions.

If you require modern iconography, pricing categories, plug-and-play user interactions, and a dynamic form to collect email addresses, then this template is the best one to consider.

More Features:

  • Contemporary drawings for modern SaaS companies
  • Designed for various products and uses
  • An abundance of ready-to-use sections

4. April

April Free HTML Template

April provides startups with a simple design and several customizable options for anyone wanting both responsive and beautiful templates landing page aspects for newsletters, projects, and other services.

If you want to showcase your customer testimonials, product reviews, and demos, then this template offers everything you’ll need like smooth navigation and convenient coded elements.

More Features:

  • Contemporary drawings for modern startup companies
  • Designed for various products and uses
  • An abundance of ready-to-use sections

5. Digital Services

Digital Services Free HTML Template

If you’re selling digital services, creating the right landing page can be challenging. The best landing pages for digital services and lead generation are equipped with numerous dynamic sections and interactions that showcase a bunch of information aimed to convert website visitors.

Fortunately, this template makes it easy to communicate all of your service offerings in a powerful display. This responsive template makes showing off your new app or online service fast and easy.

It’s been created using Bootstrap 4 and features a wide variety of pre-designed features, including: three-column feature sections, input forms, pricing tables, and testimonials.

Finally, this flexible template is an excellent choice for a variety of different industries.

More Features:

  • Perfect for testing app prototypes
  • Versatile for showcasing online services and products
  • Great open source imagery

6. Venus

Venus Free HTML Template

Venus have 100% free landing page templates based on HTML5 and various other pre-built design sections. This template is also completely responsive and easy to customize.

Other features include the option of Google Fonts, human-made vector illustrations, mobile app placeholders, and a customizable product color palette.

More Features:

  • The presence of incredible landing page animations
  • Works universally well on any device
  • Versatile landing page content design and layout

7. Ellie

Ellie Free HTML Template

While newsletter landing page templates are usually very simple, they’re difficult to design. If you want your newsletter to stand out and captivate your target audience, a compelling landing page design is in order.

With Ellie, you can design a beautiful landing page templates and begin collecting tons of email subscribers with this succinct product. Users have to option to toggle between light and dark themes to fit their preferences.

Users can also take advantage of a full suite of pixel-perfect objects and shapes and amazing hero animations. With this template, you don’t have to worry about website visitors bouncing before scrolling down the page.

More Features:

  • Versatile hero animations
  • Pre-built demo capabilities for showcasing newsletter benefits
  • A comprehensive color palette for all stylistic preferences

8. Software

Software Free HTML Template

Users can easily create a dynamic landing page using Software. Also built using Bootstrap 4, this landing page template is designed specifically for SaaS development companies that want to convert more prospects into paying customers.

If you believe that your SaaS products can benefit tremendously from a well-designed landing page and transform your company into an international brand, then this option is the perfect choice.

More Features:

  • Users can randomly generate HTML and content conveniently
  • There are dynamic table options available
  • Users can showcase their products effectively through video presentation sections

9. Laurel

Laurel Free HTML Template

This beautiful and bold landing page templates are built using HTML5. Users can easily display their mobile app elegantly. When you download the template, you will receive access to the NPM scripts, Sass files, and the original sample file for quick setup.

For design purposes, this template was created to offer endless customization benefits.

More Features:

  • This landing page template is versatile to accommodate various niches
  • There are several upcoming updates users can take advantage of
  • There are also documented code files

10. Prism

Prism Free HTML Template

Prism is an exceptional contemporary and lightweight template designed directly for open source projects. It was based on JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap 4.

Users can take solace in the fact that Prism is very simple to use, possesses a wealth of both basic and advanced landing page elements you can expect, and can be modified to meet your exact preferences.

More Features:

11. Web Application

Web Application Free HTML Template

If you’re launching the next great desktop or mobile app, you can use the Web Application landing page template to attract and convert more users.

By leveraging great call-to-actions (CTAs), functional slide customers, and versatile section of features, Web Application makes it completely simple to customize and set up a one-page conversion tool to achieve various needs.

More Features:

  • This landing page supports several demo variants
  • Users can choose from elegant forms and buttons
  • Built with HTML5, coding will be a breeze

12. Knight

Knight Free HTML Template

Knight is an elegant, contemporary, and dark landing page template designed for product launches. This template, built with Bootstrap 4, comes with multiple features like a FAQ list, slick slider, and exceptional iconography.

Knight was also built with Sass, jQuery, CSS3, and HTML, which is a dream for all experienced developers. When you choose to use Knight as your landing page template, you can maximize responsiveness and excellent customization for better SEO and conversion performances.

More Features:

  • Free unlimited support
  • Auto resized images
  • Easy access to great UI/UX files

13. DevBook

DevBook Free HTML Template

Landing pages for books and eBooks are often a difficult sell. With DevBook, is a free HTML landing page designed specifically for programmers who want to sell online books.

Users can take advantage of all the landing page features to convert website visitors into readers. This is because the solution is custom-made and can be integrated with platforms that can make accepting digital payments a breeze.

More Features:

  • Numerous available licenses
  • Compatible with various browsers
  • Free book mockups

14. Tivo

Tivo Free HTML Template

Tivo is a free HTML landing page template built for developers backing B2C application pages and SaaS products. Users can take advantage of test slider testimonials, convenient license, article details, simple dropdown menu, and a video box.

To put it simply, Tivo is built to accommodate a variety of commercial and hobby SaaS projects.

More Features:

  • Compatible for every browser
  • Leverages Font Awesome and Google Fonts
  • Flexible contact forms

Ready to Build Your Next Landing Page?

There are several compelling reasons why you should use a landing page template. Not only are most dynamic landing page templates free of charge, but they can help you save and add more time to your grueling production schedules.

With that said, do you want to explore having a powerful landing page built for your newsletter, SaaS product, or upcoming launch? If so, we can help.

Contact us today to speak to a member of our team about developing a dynamic landing page for your brand.

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