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Join the world’s leading software companies. DEV.co develops custom digital solutions for clients across a variety of industries, including real estate, hospitality, retail, and more. Services include web development, e-commerce, online marketing, and mobile apps. DEV.co is a full-service digital marketing agency with a team of experienced developers and designers who can develop products from scratch, or build out features on your existing website.

At DEV.co we understand the role of visual identity as a tool for expressing ideas and moving people to action. We use visual design to weave a compelling story and inspire genuine connection through digital mediums that meet our clients’ needs. DEV.co offers a suite of web and mobile development tools. From making a website mobile-friendly to creating a seamless transition for your app as you move from screen to screen, DEV.co has you covered.

Superior Website Quality

DEV.co is a website development company that specializes in creating custom digital solutions for clients across a range of markets. We have experience in working with large enterprises, federal agencies, law firms, and start-ups. Our project management approach is based on open communication, transparency, and trust. We want to make sure the right technology is used for your project; one that doesn’t get in the way or complicate things for you but rather adds value by leveraging our experience and creativity. We are a team of developers that code everything from websites, to mobile apps, and more.

DEV.co specializes in creating unique digital solutions for clients across a range of markets. We build sites and apps that do what they’re supposed to, look good doing it, and are built to last. DEV.co is a powerful collection of tooling that works together to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of your development process by keeping your existing app updated with changes that you apply to your master branch. DEV.co can also be used stand-alone, giving you the benefit of working locally.

Our Capabilities

Introducing DEV.co, a simple way to build mobile-friendly, self-updating websites and apps. We bring mobile app used designs, interaction paradigms, and SEO optimization together for web apps. DEV.co is the end-to-end platform for development and beyond. With features such as visual interface building to design pixel-perfect websites and apps, DEV.co also includes functionality that takes your digital offering beyond launch with seamless updates across platforms and devices. Web development means different things to different people.

At DEV.co we think of it as much more than just a website or mobile app. It’s about creating custom digital solutions for clients across a range of markets. Because every business is unique, we always tailor our approach to fit your specific needs and goals. We start by learning about you and the way you do business so that we can deliver the best possible solution – whether that be an app for ordering food at the click of a button or providing seamless online access to an international travel destination.

What We Bring to the Table

 DEV.co specializes in digital technology solutions for startups and small businesses. Get your free consultation today to discuss how we can help you #MakeItHappen! DEV.co is a web development firm based in Riverside, California. We operate globally, with 12 developers that work remotely from 7 locations.

Since our start in 2010, we’ve expanded from a team of 5 to over one hundred remote workers and maintain profitability on a 6-month revenue cycle. We’re profitable by making clients happy through the delivery of top-notch solutions at reasonable prices.

DEV.co helps companies build digital products with our tried and true process. From conception to launch, we make sure your customers get a great experience.

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Our Development Process



Background details
Vision & values
Target personas
Stakeholder insights


Research & Discovery

Customer research
Competitive analysis
Expert audits & insights
Current market positioning



Story & personality
Market opportunities
Positioning & messaging
Creative brief development



Logo development
Graphics standards
Verify function
Messaging framework


Deliver & integrate

Brand book & styleguide
Print integration
Online & mobile
Further brand extension