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 With more than a decade of experience, DEV.co is Pittsburgh’s premier website and app development company. DEV.co is based in Christchurch but works with clients all over the world. Our high-quality development services include eCommerce, Magento, WordPress, ASP.NET, and mobile application development. 

Web Design in Pittsburgh

If you are looking for a full-service digital agency, look no further than DEV.co. Our team of skilled web designers and developers will design and develop a website or application that is visually stunning, cost-effective, and completely tailored to suit your objectives. Our collaboration-driven process can take you through a variety of challenging and rewarding project phases: website design, web development, digital marketing, and product creation.

Our process is designed to stretch us. It encourages an environment where talent is nurtured, team members learn from each other, and work to progress each day. DEV.co’s company culture helps create the best websites, apps, and custom digital solutions that our clients need.

Superior Website Quality

Founded in 2008, DEV.co is a web and mobile development company that builds websites, apps, and custom digital solutions for clients across a range of markets. Helping our clients to build their brand online with innovative digital products. While others may spin slews of code or waste weeks teaching you HTML, DEV.co developers work directly with you to create the specific application you need and want.

From how it looks, to how it's developed, DEV.co is your ideal solution for creating digital solutions. DEV.co does not just sell, they create fully functional products with custom designs at a low cost. DEV.co offers a plethora of services for your tech needs, from full-stack web development to mobile and app design and even programming language creation. They will work with you to create an end product that looks great and functions perfectly.

Our Capabilities

 With DEV.co’s easy-to-use interface, you can build an impressive website or app in a matter of minutes. With numerous tools, you will be able to communicate with your clients in innovative ways that become more personalized with each use. From making a website mobile-friendly and self-updating to creating seamless transitions for your app when moving from screen to screen, DEV.co has you covered. You can even upload images, videos, and documents of up to 25MB! DEV.co empowers you to make your product more adaptive and user-friendly with just a few clicks. Get started in 10 minutes with pre-configured templates for mobile apps, websites, and even complete speaker systems, all editable and customized to your liking.

DEV.co is a cross-platform development environment for design and implementation and can be used to build interactive webpages, native applications, and hybrid apps. It includes pre-made widgets for mobile and web, as well as an integrated code editor that speeds up development, with a host of features to make transitioning from screen to screen seamlessly. DEV.co covers all aspects of app creation from front to back.

What We Bring to the Table

DEV.co Pittsburgh can build and host your website, develop an app for your business, handle your social media presence, all without you having to do a thing! DEV.co is an award-winning web and mobile application development company that is evolved to a point of technical confidence and creative vision. Over the past few years, our company’s level of technical insight and creative excellence has risen significantly.

At the heart of this evolution are our developers who keep pace with the fast-paced industry and always stay ahead of the competition by bringing industry-leading solutions to life for our customers. From a website, app, or digital product, DEV.co was created to satisfy all the needs of modern-day entrepreneurs. Simply tell us about your idea, and we’ll whip up an online presence you’ll be proud to call your own.

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We’d love for you to work with us and take your online presence to the next level. To learn more about how you can work with us, click here to speak to a member of our team.

Our Development Process



Background details
Vision & values
Target personas
Stakeholder insights


Research & Discovery

Customer research
Competitive analysis
Expert audits & insights
Current market positioning



Story & personality
Market opportunities
Positioning & messaging
Creative brief development



Logo development
Graphics standards
Verify function
Messaging framework


Deliver & integrate

Brand book & styleguide
Print integration
Online & mobile
Further brand extension