How to Leverage Technology to Boost Your Business Reputation

How to Leverage Technology to Boost Your Business Reputation

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Warren Buffet

Your online reputation is essential to the success of your business. But it is also fragile. That is why having the right technology in place to maintain your online reputation management is so important. Without it, you are left moving from one potential PR crisis management to another. This can be time consuming and inefficient.

So why not find tools and strategies that can help you along your way to a stellar online reputation?

In this article, we will explain why business online reputation management is so important, explore how technology and website design can help your business reputations, list specific strategies you can use to leverage technology, and point out some free tool available to you.

Why Invest in Business Online Reputation

Why Invest in Business Reputation

There are several reasons to invest in the online reputation management of your business. Some of the benefits are obvious. For example, customers will trust you more if you are a reputable brand.

But a good business online reputation management impacts every facet of your business. Specifically, a good reputation does the following:

  • Increases your public visibility. Being seen exposes you to more leads. If you want to maximize business, increasing your online visibility is one of the best things you can do.
  • Grows traffic to your website. Not only does a good reputation put you out there, it makes people more likely to click on your website due to your site performance.
  • Helps customers make purchasing decisions. If leads recognize your name, they’ll likely choose you over unknown competitors. Name recognition helps you stand out and it alone can make the difference in a sale.
  • Encourages customer retention. Once you have a relationship with customers, they will stay if you keep up a good reputation.
  • Attracts quality talent or employees. A good reputation doesn’t only attract new customers. It also attracts quality employees. And who doesn’t want the best dev talent to work with them?
  • Allows you to control the online narrative of your brand’s online reputation & avoid Negative reviews. A good reputation helps to refute smear campaigns and bad press. It gives you authority. If nothing else, being reputable takes the edge off of negative reviews. Positive reviews will always make you appear trustworthy, which search engines favor.
  • Protects you from online risks. Everything online comes with risks. Hacking, phishing attacks, lab data/data loss. You name it. If you have a good reputation, users will trust your site more despite the risks.
  • Establishes you as an expert in your field. With so much information on the web, it’s hard to determine what’s reliable. A good reputation is one of the few things that builds credibility.

The advantages go on. Whatever the full impact of a good business reputations, it needs careful tending to.

According to Cindy Leines, founder and CEO of Plymouth–based CEL Public Relations Inc, “You can either manage your reputation, or it can manage you.” That is why we will provide ample strategies for you to manage your brand’s image reputation with technology solutions.

How Can Technology Help my Business Reputation?

In the past, word-of-mouth was the most effective form of marketing. And it still is. But technology and the internet have opened new channels for your word-of-mouth reputation to spread.

Today, your brand reputation lives on a blend of review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and so much more.

Unless you are a mom-and-pop shop that relies primarily on a local market, you need to reckon with your online reputation. In fact, research shows that “your online reputation directly affects sales and revenue. A one-star drop or increase in your overall rating could mean a 5-9% increase or decrease in store-wide revenue.”

Whether you like it or not, online technology affects your business reputation at a growing rate. So you might as well use it to your advantage.

How to Boost Your Business Reputation through Technology

For Online reputation management services, there are several strategies for building and maintaining a good business online reputation. Here we break them down into three main categories: Branding, Marketing, and Customer Service.


  • Leverage social media marketing. Social media platforms are the new town square. And if you want to be seen, you need to make an appearance. Creating an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is perhaps one of the easiest things you can do to do to build your brand’s online image. If you have not already, you can do this in a matter of minutes. Then link your social media accounts to your main website and automate the publishing of new positive content it may increase your Google’s Page Speed insights. That way, you keep a minimum social media presence with minimal effort. Of course, you should engage your customers, too, which brings us to the next point.
  • Engage customers across multiple channels. Whether from your website, from your social media management accounts, or in person, you should engage customers on a regular basis. This establishes customer loyalty and trust. It also shows that you are an interactive brand and not just an impenetrable facade. A responsive brand reputation is a reputable one.
  • Automate the online reviews monitoring process. Take advantage of digital reputation & monitoring tools like Google Alerts, which inform you when your company is mentioned across the web and Google’s Page Speed insights. Checking & online review management manually can be tedious and time-consuming. But with digital monitoring tools, you can stay up to date with the latest & manages your entire online presence. Simply set up notifications to alert you to new negative review/negative feedback & positive reviews or mentions and you have a live pulse on your online brand & read online reviews. You can hire Dev. co (a reputation management company) for these tools & have our reputation management services.
  • Get earned media. Boost your brand by getting featured in press releases and other online publications. Earned media means you didn’t pay for it; rather, you “earned” it through your own promotional efforts. This kind of third-party publicity is one of the most effective ways to boost your online reputation.
  • Be your own media. When you can’t get earned media, become your own social media monitoring by creating positive content over social media pages, podcasts, or blogs. The opportunity to publish online is endless with no barrier to entry. People expect you to be self-promoting, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Invest in Paid Media. Paid media comes mostly in the form of advertising, whether through display/banner advertising, search advertising, or social media network advertising. This can be an effective way to force your Google’s Page Speed insights name out there. Consider trying Paid Per Click (PPC) advertising to get started.
  • Nurture relationships with advocates and influencers. Advocates and social media influencers can boost your brand and help you drown out negative reviews. But you need to nurture your relationship with them to keep them loyal to your brand. So take advantage of online spotlights and testimonials.
  • Implement an Online Reputations Management Strategy for Defense. Criticism is inevitable. So you need to have a plan in place in the event of a social media attack or media inquiries. Don’t let them permanently scar your brand by being unprepared. Defend your online reputation by fighting defamation cases, responding to inquiries quickly, and minimizing bad publicity in the event of a business mistake or failure. Invest in public relations (PR) strategies early.
  • Build a top-shelf website. Your website is the face of our brand. So it should be visually appealing and interactive. Give your potential customers digital access to your business processes. Let them see exactly what you have to offer and how it works. Designing a clean, effective website will strengthen your business online reputation on first impression.
  • Use mobile technology. Develop a mobile-friendly website or even a mobile app that engages your users & avoid unhappy customers. This shows you are an established brand that values compatibility across many devices.


  • Use data analytics. Data analytics is the process of crunching data via mechanical algorithms. With the right data analytics tools, you can assess your business positive reputation on the web and increase Google’s Page Speed insights. For example, find out what other WordPress sites/ sites are linking to yours, how your clients are interacting with your product, and where your brand name is appearing most. Adjust your online reputation management strategy accordingly.
  • Use videos to your advantage. These days, professional-looking videos are easier to make than ever. They can give your brand a positive online personality. A good website with images and graphics is nice, but videos are so much more personable. People like seeing the people behind the brand, the members of a company. And when you can show a competent face, your online reputation management will naturally benefit.
  • Take advantage of translation services. Translation services can help you grow your Online reputation in new markets. New translation technologies are becoming increasingly efficient, so repackaging your product for another country is easier than ever.
  • Adapt to voice search. Mobile voice search is a growing form of web search. People no longer need to type keywords into the search bar. They can just speak into their device directly. If you optimize for voice search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll be able to push down negative comments / negative search results & ’ll naturally establish a good online reputation with the help of search engine optimization by being one of Google’s top picks.

Customer Service

  • Offer electronic payment methods. Cash is dwindling and electronic payment methods are on the rise. Make payments easier for your customers by offering e-payment options via credit card, store credit, or other online payment solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay. This way, you build online reputation management for convenient transactions and establish yourself as a business that is easy to work with.
  • Offer a callback option. Nobody likes waiting on hold. So, if you have a customer service line, offer a callback option to reassure customers you will get to them ASAP instead of trying their patience. This reduces hold times and significantly reduces any bad impressions of your business. After all, you don’t want to be known for having slow service.
  • Integrate chatbots. Chatbots can answer questions quickly, making it less likely that visitors bounce from your site. Plus, they can be algorithmically automated. This is much more cost-effective than hiring live customer support agents and makes your business much more responsive. Of course, some queries may need to be forwarded to a human, but most don’t. And having a responsive page load/site speed greatly improves your online reputation. Nobody likes a sterile page load/site speed that offers little interaction.

As you can see, online reputation management services can be an extensive undertaking. Start with a few of the above suggestions and gradually develop a online reputation management strategy that you can maintain long-term.

Developing a Successful Reputation Management Program


Software Tools for Building Your Business Reputation

Now that we’ve covered specific online reputation management-building strategies, here are some software tools that can help you in the process.

  • Google Alerts lets you create alerts to keywords. Simply sign into your Google account and enter a search term. Then you’ll receive daily email updates about where that term surfaced on the web, including websites, news articles, and blogs. Create a Google alert for your brand name to keep a pulse on how it is being used across the web.
  • Reputology is a one-stop solution for managing online reviews. The platform allows you to monitor, analyze, and respond to them in one place. This way, you don’t need to go through the tedious process of manually monitoring and responding on multiple review sites.
  • Awario crawls the web for conversations relevant to your business, whether they are about your company’s online reputation, your market, or your competitors. Stay in the loop on everything that could affect your business.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts


There is plenty more software out there. Find a solution that works for you and start taking control of your online reputation today. You won’t regret it.

Working with

Here at (an online reputation management company) we recognize how important the right software technology is to your business online reputation management. We think it’s essential to success.

If you still don’t know where to start, we can help you get off on the right foot with a scalable own website design. Let us help you build a site from scratch or redesign an existing one. That way, you can shape the online face of your company and control how visitors interact with your business. Contact us today to get started with our online reputation management service.

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