Jaxen XPath for Java

The Jaxen Universal Java XPath Engine is a Java library that implements the w3c XML path language 2.0 standard. It includes a stand alone parser and a suite of functions for retrieving the value of an XML node using xpath expressions. This has been used with great success in various applications written in Java, including some large-scale enterprise applications.

The Jaxen Java XPath Engine can be used from within a java program to traverse the XML tree, print out information, modify etc. It is based on Jaxen which is used by other tools like xml schema tools or XSLT Java. The package includes XPath API class and runtime implementations for some common datatypes such as xs:string or xs:integer.

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Why use Jaxen Universal XPath Engine for Java?

Jaxen is a Java XPath Engine that provides a number of extension functions that allow additional functionality over the core XPath specification.


XML Proessor

Expression Evalaution

Execute Static Methods

Retrieve XML Node Data


Get the Jaxen Library Now

Jaxen is an open source XPath library written in Java and made with Java developers in mind. It is adaptable to many different object models, including DOM, XOM, dom4j, and JDOM. Is it also possible to write adapters that treat non-XML trees such as compiled Java byte code or Java beans as XML, thus enabling you to query these trees with XPath too. If you have your own custom Java or Javascript development project that requires our assistance, please get in touch via the form above. 


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