13 Must-Have CRM Customizations

13 Must-Have CRM Customizations

CRM or “Customer Relationship Management” is a strategy employed by businesses or organizations to manage the way they associate with their customers. It involves investing in custom CRM software, uniquely designed to fit specific business needs and processes over generic ones available on the market. This kind of tailored service is often referred to as a ‘custom CRM solution.’

It is arguably one of the leading software markets, expected to reach $80B in revenues by 2025. Apart from helping connect companies to clients with customized CRM solutions, these systems also improve profitability and streamline processes. In short, CRM systems are unique tools utilized to administer productivity, sales, and contacts.

Whether they think a CRM is hard to operate or have difficulty finding the right tool for their business, custom CRM development could be an optimal solution. This way, it’s very easy not get confused or overwhelmed with heaps of different options on the market. There are indeed many valuable solutions out there and opting for custom CRM development ensures you don’t face difficulties in choosing between good and great as everything would be tailored perfectly according to your specific needs – which isn’t always easy if going off-the-shelf route.

While you may spend hours finding the differences among various available solutions, it’d be better to start with a CRM that offers specific features or customizations suitable for your business processes and data security requirements

These must-have customizations on your CRM platform will drive sales, boost productivity and assist you in improving your overall brand strategy.

Why Should You Build Customized CRM System For Your Business?

Customized CRM System For Your Business

Wondering why businesses or organizations have to build customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) rather than employing turnkey solutions?

Here are three main reasons why you should consider customized CRM for your company or brand:

Going-In-Line With Growth

Any software you choose seems perfect at first. However, only a few are flexible enough to provide what rapidly growing businesses need for user adoption.

CRM developers frequently pack their unique solutions with lots of features to stimulate revenue growth. Most of them emphasize covering bigger audiences, making the interface less intuitive in a bid to maximize earnings.

Moreover, CRM systems from vendors must contain the features you require in your crm software. Otherwise, you’ll spend hefty amounts on staff training and customization.

Expenses on staff development and customization need to be considered as you choose CRM vendors in the various sales stages. That’s because these are long period investments that involve a user-friendly interface which you’ll have to pay for. Customized solutions, with their features tailored specifically according to your needs, are ideal in this regard. They seamlessly fit into your workflow while facilitating efficient management of different sales stages through an intuitive and user friendly interface.

Though it will cost you some money to form and maintain a customized solution with custom fields, still it’s highly useful and valuable to push your company’s growth upward.

Improving Workflows

When you make a CRM system from scratch, it will have a greater impact on your entire organization, especially when you devolve it into various departments.

Innovative CRM’s features are normally meant to serve particular departments such as marketing or sales. However, if you make your customized CRM system using specific data sources, you can choose the department to emphasize.

In addition to that, third-party integration also improves the organization’s specific workflows. For instance, if an organization’s processes are created around Dropbox and Slack; chances are you may encounter pitfalls in sending personalized emails or making it work with CRMs as per your expectations.

On the other hand, it’s quite easy to dive deeper with customized solutions as you have got smooth and secure data transmissions from department to department.

Scalable Solution

CRM systems can operate both as the foundation for your business software or as stand-alone software. You can utilize it to make added applications for various other departments with the single-purpose database.

To use it with a turnkey solution, you’ll have to seek vendors with API open to developers. Then, you’ll have to pay for all users in the system and added programs.

By building customized CRM systems for businesses, you’ll be able to increase productivity by a considerable margin. Also, whenever you deem fit, you can modify and scale it. However, you’ll have to pay for website development services.

13 Killer Ways To CRM Customization

Here are thirteen convincing ways you can use to customize CRM program:

Lead Information

One of the first things you should consider is that what sort of data your company or business needs from leads. This way, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and pull strong actions on different leads.

For example, to guide all your forthcoming marketing and advertising investments, you certainly wish to get several lead sources. Likewise, to know your revenue funnel (also known as a sales funnel) better and understand what actions to take next, you wish to assimilate yourself with the sales process of the leads.

This data will help you seek your prospective customers – no matter where they are – and allow you to find ways to increase your sales performance.

Customer Information

CRM Consumer Data Access

According to the recent report, 74% of respondents said the CRM system has improved consumer data access. Not only it gives easy access to customer data, but it provides you the right data.

And collecting the right consumer data will help you make effective use of customer and market segmentation. After all, segmentation enables you to arrange your resources well and make improved business decisions.

In addition to that, it provides you with a chance to approach your prospective customers effectively. For example, you can deliver customized email campaigns to specific geographic regions, market segments, or industries.

Price Quotes

Whenever prospective customers request price quotes, avoid giving them random figures on spreadsheets; instead, use this opportunity to place your brand or company as a leading influence within your industry. Always customize price quotes so that potential clients know you can solve their problems.

Customize Reports

It’s essential and highly valuable to know the most significant reports in the business. For example, find your active sales reps and what leads to their success. And since there are several ways to make a customized report, find the most appropriate method for your business and customize the solution to create the report.

Activity Types

A robust CRM system tells you what’s generating correct results and what is not. Thus, it’s highly important to know which activities done by the sales and service teams don’t work. This way, you’ll be able to make custom fields to check them.

For example, look into initial calls, follow-ups, demonstrations, annual check-ups, and much more. This data will allow you to ascertain your working methods and techniques and prioritize resources.


CRM can truly help improve your results and productivity by a substantial margin. This is only possible if you make templates for sales and marketing correspondence, including emails and letters. By standardizing the content, you send will help track and improve your outcomes. Additionally, you can pen catchy emails and send them as many times as you want.

Personalize Consumers’ Buying Experience

Prospective consumers may seek further details of your product from the sales team. It’s highly useful if your company is well-tuned to the buyer journey of the intended audience to enable it to link customers to sales effortlessly across various channels like phone, email, video, or chat.

Moreover, when a potential customer contacts your sales rep, they should know the customer’s mind fully. This way, your sales rep will connect with a client deeper and prompt them to shop.

Customer Communications

Personalizing communications can make your prospective customers feel special. Thus, make sure to add potential client’s contacts and activities monitored by useful data analytics tools. Using this valuable data, you can customize emails easily based on customer preferences and behavior.

Timely Outreach

If you personalize CRM, you’ll be able to understand your intended market better. It will allow you to foster good relations with your potential clients before, after, and during purchase. Though it’s wise to prep for inbound customers, your company should reach out now and then.

You can reach them by sending discount offers, timely coupons, or advance offerings. Remember knowing when and how to contact a prospect will make or break your purchase.

Digital Media

A personalized CRM program will help your company recognize prospective audiences to get in touch with different offers.  Evaluating the buying behavior, timing, and past purchases of like-minded potential customers can assist you in positioning display media perfectly in a noninvasive manner.

Leveraging social and search data can aid your company in customizing useful messages and information to prospects.

Customer Interaction

Your business requires real-time data for delivering invaluable customer communication. Using this data, you can improve customer value and relationships. Also, ensure to personalize CRM notifications so that you’ll know which customers haven’t purchased or accessed your products in weeks or months.

This way, you’ll stay attentive, and most importantly, the sales representatives can extend promotional offers to customers who haven’t bought anything in a while to come back and shop. You can use any data analytics tool to rekindle relations with clients. And the best bit is that these tools integrate fully with CRM.

Reactivate Inactive Customers

Canceling inactive consumers is never the right idea. Clients who didn’t use or purchase your service or product for quite some time are likely to buy things from new prospective clients who know little about your brand. Due to this reason, personalize CRM to get in touch with inactive customers via email.

Sales Forecasting

CRM Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is a valuable tool for the sales team of your business. With the help of this impressive technology, you can analyze the probability of various sales opportunities based on the existing position in the sales process.

Apart from helping envisage your likely revenue performance, sales forecasting also allows you to predict and assess future success.

While you make different sales deals and opportunities, the CRM system can give chances to multiple events. This way, your business or company’s sales reps, and agents will make well-versed decisions and polish their overall marketing strategies.


Usability and usefulness are two key features of CRM programs’ success. If your business has a usable and helpful CRM system, the sales reps will use it wisely. Most importantly, the sales teams will get a higher value. We are Salesforce Silver Certified and have direct experience working with numerous open source CRM solutions as well.

This is why you should consider hiring a CRM consultant to customize the CRM system to perform better and serve your objectives. Customize things like contact data, activities, and reports to suit different business needs.

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